Angel of Hope

Angel of Hope Children's Memorial At Boys Town
Directions:  From Dodge Street, exit at 137th onto Sheehan Parkway. Turn right onto Flanagan Boulevard.  Turn right on Bucher Drive.  The memorial is across from Chambers Chapel.
Slide show of the September 26, 2010 dedication
 of the 95th Angel of Hope

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A place of Remembrance and Connection
A place of Love and Healing
A place of Peace

Families can come to find solace in the statue's presence, and lay their grief in the outspread arms of an Angel. Engraved bricks honoring children are placed in the patio.     Order a Brick

The members of the Greater Omaha Chapter of the Compassionate Friends shared a vision of a quiet place where families could go to remember their children. It stands as a symbol of hope for all parents and loved ones who have experienced the death of a child, no matter what age.

An Angel with Hope in its wings

 The Christmas Box Angel Statue, or the Angel of Hope, as it is sometimes referred to, was introduced to the world in the book The Christmas Box, a worldwide bestseller and hit television movie by author Richard Paul Evans. In the book, a woman mourns the loss of her child at the base of an angel monument. Though the story is mostly fiction, the angel monument once existed but was lost in the 1984 Salt Lake City flood. A new bronze statue was commissioned by the author in response to reports that grieving parents were seeking out the angel as a place to grieve and heal. The first angel monument was dedicated in Salt Lake City, Utah, on December 6, 1994. Since this time, more than 100 other angel monuments have been dedicated across the country and many other sites are being planned.

The Angel of Hope statue was made by Ortho and Jared Fairbanks, a father and son team. In its wing is inscribed the word HOPE. The four foot tall bronze statue of a little girl angel with arms reaching outward provides comfort to those who grieve.

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Angel of Hope

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